Authentic electronic act

Since 2012, the French Notariat has set up the Authentic Act in electronic form.
The legal status of the notarial document and the advice of the notary remain unchanged but the paper support is replaced by a computer file. This document, completely dematerialized, contains the same guarantees of security, conservation and availability as the “paper” format.

During your signature meeting in the Office, the act is presented to you on screen, the reading can be followed by all the people simultaneously. Once the act is validated, your notary collects the signatures on an electronic tablet. Following the signature, the act is sent instantly to dedicated servers for retention.

The authentic electronic act represents for our customers a fluidity of reading and a considerable time saving.


Etude DAVID has a notarial information-sharing platform, enabling optimization of the collection, management and delivery of documents, always in a secure way, thanks to individual passwords and strict administration of the sharing space.

This tool is particularly useful in the monitoring of complex cases (institutional, commercial real estate, buildings sold off-plan).


Etude DAVID is equipped with a videoconference room.

The live videoconferencing system has certain advantages for accompanying customers for whom regular travel to the Office is difficult or expensive, especially for international clients. It allows to develop a closer exchange than emails.

Videoconferencing is also a great tool for preparatory meetings, enabling all stakeholders to work simultaneously on pooled documents.