FEES What is included in the fees you pay to the notary?

The amount you pay to the notary for a purchase, a gift, or any other type of acts, includes:

  • the taxes paid to the Public Treasury,
  • the expenses,
  • and fees for the notarial service (expenses of the notarial office, associates and notaries).

Because the notary fulfills a function of public interest, he is bound by a tariff instituted by the law, strictly regulated and applicable throughout the territory.

The remuneration of the notarial office can correspond to :

  • either proportional/fixed emoluments (fixed by decree) for all acts and formalities for which the public authorities have decided so such as marriage contracts, gifts, sales and loans.
  • or fees for all acts whose decree provides that the remuneration is freely agreed between the notaries and their clients (such as commercial leases, company acts, real estate negotiations, consultations, etc.).


The notaries’ tariff is fixed by decrees and ordonnances.

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