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The death of a person leads to the opening of his succession. The notary has a predominant role in the civil, tax and administrative settling. On behalf of the heirs, DAVID NOTAIRES takes care not only of all the compulsory formalities, but also gives advice regarding civil and tax optimisation.

Estate Planning

Planning the transmission of your assets will allow you to avoid possible conflicts at the time of death and to optimise the taxation. DAVID NOTAIRES fully audits your estate and family situation, in order to set up the best estate planning solutions for the future.

Corporate and complex real estate development

DAVID NOTAIRES accompanies all real estate professionals such as developers and property dealers, to help them carry out their operations with the guarantee of optimal security.

International Law

Clients of foreign nationality residing in France, tax non-residents, international families, mixed couples, cross-border assets: DAVID NOTAIRES provides its international clients with specific information and advice to their particular situation, enabling them to understand the legal and tax context.

Our firm is in permanent contact with a correspondent expert in private international law and we are able, put you in contact with trusted referents abroad.

More broadly,

DAVID NOTAIRES is at your disposal for any matters concerning:

  • - Family law (matrimonial regime, adoption, gift, inheritance)
  • - Real estate law (sale, purchase, transmission)
  • - Local authorities
  • - Taxation
  • - Loan, mortgage and guarantees
  • - Corporate law (incorporation, functioning)
  • - Rural law